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Frequently Asked Questions

Embroidery - photo credit Bethany Johann
  • How does the design process work? 

    • The design process begins with filling out the custom order request form. This  form is intended to gather a detailed description of what you might like to have  made. Then we will send a follow up email in which we discuss your design ideas,  the imagery and level of detail involved, budget, timeline, etc. If we decide this is a  project we can take on, a $200 non refundable design deposit is due to get your order on the books, at which point we will draw up a sketch for your approval. This  process includes two rounds of revisions, any additional sketches after that will be  an additional fee. After the design is approved, half the total cost is due upfront,  then the remaining balance will be due upon completion. Then we will either take  measurements in person or send a measurements sheet to be filled out by a local  tailor. Once we have the measurements we can begin construction on your  garments.  


  •  How much does a custom suit cost?  

    • The cost starts with a $200 non refundable design deposit, which goes towards  the final cost of the suit and allows us to draw up a sketch for your approval. Half  of the total cost is due upfront after design is approved, and the rest due upon  completion of the suit. Fully custom western suits of a jacket and pants start at  around $3000 and go up from there. A heavily embroidered Nudie style suit with  rhinestones could be anywhere in the $5000-10,000 range depending on how  detailed we go, plus sales tax if in the state of Tennessee. Shirts, pants, and other  garments of less complexity than a suit jacket start at around $300 each and go up  from there as embroidery and other details are added. We also can add  embroidery to an existing garment at a lower price point, please see the section  below for more information. 

  • How do I get measured for a suit? 

    • We recommend coming by in person to our Nashville studio to get measured,  although we can also provide a measurements sheet that can be taken to a local  tailor. We can guarantee the fit of the garment if measured by our team in person  and if the wearer attends a final fitting in person. If measured by our team and the  fit isn’t right we will correct it at our cost, but if the measurements were provided  by the customer we can still fix it but will have to charge for additional alterations. 

    •  We recommend coming in for a final fitting of your suit, as this is the final chance  to make fit adjustments. If you are choosing between an in-person visit for either  measurements or a final fitting, the final fitting is more important.  

  • What colors and fabrics can I choose from?  

    • We have a variety of swatches available in wool suiting blends and cotton or polyester twill. These will be available for you to view once we start the design process. 

  • Do you embroider on existing garments?  

    • Yes! We can add chainstitch embroidery to an existing denim jacket, dress, vintage  suit, western shirt, etc. This can range anywhere from $100-1500 depending on  how detailed we go. Most denim jackets with something fairly large on the back fall  in the $300-800 range depending on complexity.  

  • What is your lead time for a custom order?  

    • Our current lead time is around 2-4 months, but we recommend you contact us at  least 4 months in advance of your event if possible. Any project due in less than 1.5  months will be considered a rush order.  

  • Do you take rush orders? 

    •  Yes, but rush orders are subject to approval, as we may not be able to  accommodate every rush request. Anything between 2 weeks and 1.5 months notice  will be considered a rush order, and will cost double the regular quoted price. 

  • What are your policies on shipping and sales tax?   

    • We provide free shipping for all US orders $200+, and it will be USPS Priority Mail.  Let us know if you prefer another shipping carrier and that will be an additional  cost added to your order. International orders are responsible for all shipping costs  and customs fees.

    • We are required to collect sales tax in the state of Tennessee, which will be  calculated in the invoicing process.  

  • What payment types do you accept? 

    • For custom orders we use Square to invoice you directly to your email address, and from there you  can pay using any card. We also accept cash at in person appointments only.    

  • How should I clean my garment? 

    • We recommend either getting your garment dry cleaned, or hand washing and  hanging to dry. Please reach out with any further questions about caring for your  specific garment.  

  • Do you do any mobile embroidery at pop up events and activations? 

    • Yes! We charge a flat rate of $250/hr for embroidery events, plus any travel costs if  outside of Nashville, which gets you unlimited embroidery for that timeframe at no  cost to your customers or guests. The most popular option is personalizing  bandanas or denim with names or other words. All we need is an electrical outlet  to plug into and the bandanas or other items to be embroidered provided by you,  everything else from thread to table is included in our setup. We can also source  the items to be embroidered for an additional fee.  

    • This is excellent activation for a corporate gifting event, store opening, wedding, or  other celebration when you want your guests to have a fun and interactive  personalized gift.  

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