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Vintage Western Garments, Newly Made

Jukebox Mama is run by designer and maker Sarie Gessner. She primarily specializes in the design and making of vintage style western wear, drawing inspiration from the 1940s-1970s. Sarie lives and works in Nashville, where she makes western wear for all genders and sizes on sewing and embroidery machines from the 1930s. Everything from the patternmaking, construction, and chainstitch embroidery on Jukebox Mama designs is done in house. We at Jukebox Mama revel in the unique details of custom garments, and the sky's the limit for details like hand cut genuine leather fringe, appliqué, rhinestones, and signature chainstitch embroidery. Collaboration is always welcome, so drop us a line about your ideas and we can talk about how to make them happen. 

For a more in depth look into Sarie's process and history, check out Meredith Lawrence's profile on her for Craftsmanship Magazine

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